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Story Time

For your entertainment...

Now, Ashley and Alicia have had many experiences with the male species...but there was one particular day that really took the cake. Once upon a time, on a cool, November day, Ashley and Alicia decided to go on a blind date with two gentlemen (names will not be mentioned). They decided to go down a little early to visit Ashley's grandmother in the hospital. On the road to get to the hospital, a black corvette passed the two lovely teenage heroines....and oddly enough, continued to keep up to speed with us....and suddenly had a handful of beads in their hands. For those who aren't culturally up to date, beads are given to young women in exchange for them flashing their upper womanhood. Anywho, then the gentleman driving decided to pull out his wallet, hinting he'd pay for a peek. Ashley and Alicia ignored these gentlemen, on a count that they looked that they were both in their 30's. So our adventurers went to the hospital, called the gentlemen they were spending the evening with, and proceeded to go to the local Pizza Hut, a local eatery that specializes Well, they were late for one thing, then parked on the other side of the parking lot. And proceeded to go inside without us. And weren't Ben and Matt (Affleck and Damon if you're wondering). We proceeded to order, and the gentlemen in question didn't know the difference between thick, thin, pan, and stuffed crust. The whole night they also joked about buying beer and when the pizza came, they couldn't  manage to cut the pizza with knifes and forks, instead decided to use a big hunting knife. Scary as it was, our heroines continued on this horrid date. It continued at the local mall where they decided to take in a movie, but before hand decided to window shop, while also loosing the beast of blind date burden. It worked, for the most part. We finally partook of the movie, which sucked because it was the Haunted Mansion. One of the gentlemen sat next to me, but off in his own little world. The other in the row in front of us. All in all, it was below average. THE END THANK GOODNESS!