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This is where we come to bitch about different things....enjoy!

Male Frustrations...

Ashley: You know what i hate..I hate it when a guy says hes going to call and then doesnt call. I mean come on is it that hard to pick up a phone and call the girl up and talk for five minutes. I mean i can understand that guys are busy and work but to take five minutes outta your busy schedule to call and just to say you were thinking about isnt all that hard..and even if you dont know but the girl appreciates it :)

Alicia: Well, that's a good example, my friend....but I know one that's just as good....or bad so to speak. Don't you hate it when you talk to a guy and he gives mixed signals. Guys think girls are the complicated one, but it's the opposite. Guys don't make it clear what they want, and because of that girls assume what they want and it gets all screwed up?

Ashley: That's a good point. They are very complicated and your right. I dont see how they can sit there and tell us one thing and mean another. It's the opposite sex..go figure. You know how guys always complain that girls take to long to get ready.. well personally i dont think it matters how long it takes us. I mean come on your never on time.. we wait around all day..doing nothing..expection for you to show up for your date or just to even hang out but no you always are one, two or three hours late. If your going to be busy all day..then either dont make plans and blow us off or if your going to be late call and tell us ahead of time (before we start getting ready)..or hell even leave your house earlier. So dont even start to complain on how long it takes us to get ready.. i mean do you want to show up to someone who looks like they just got outta bed or live in a barn.

Alicia: That's a very winded speech, Ash. Maybe guys will get the point now. But one thing you touched on was looking nice. From my perspective, alot of guys really don't seem to care. Some do....and some guys even look kinda cute when they're a LITTLE mussed....and I don't mean greasy hair and wearing clothes that haven't been washed in weeks. Shaggy hair is becoming a popular thing with guys now, personally I don't like it....if you think I'm referring to you, ask me sometime and I'll tell ya honestly what I think. AND ANOTHER THING....what's with guys wanting as many piercings as a girl does? It's not attractive to me. And facial hair should be kept to a minimum...goatees that's about all I like. And what's with looking like slobs on first dates? You gotta make a good impression....not a frumpy one. One last thing, I like a good smellin man! Cologne is a plus in my book...but not too much to make me sick by just breathing around you.

Ashley: This is true my friend. Guys need to be more worried about there manners however. These days you don't see alot of guys opening doors for girls. We dont expect them to slay any dragons but at least you could open the car door for her. It shows that you really care..yes it sounds kinda corny... but just take my advice its really sweet. Using silverware isnt always a must, depending on the food..but come on you dont need to eat like a baby... and hell dont be bringing no hunting knife out to the table. That is really unnecessary & creepy for that matter. are not eating by your self at your house.. there is no burping! This is very gross and disrespectful. Have you ever had a date who would never shut up or one who was talking like your clear across the room? Incase you haven't notice, i dont think that is very appropriate to hog the conversation.. your on a date your suppost to be spending time and getting to know each other better..not just about you. Secondly, you are sitting either beside her or across from her..take a lesson from grade school use your "six inch voice". Something else just came to mind... your on a date.. you dont need to be looking at any other girls. Your with one dont need to be selfish..all your doing is making your date feel like she isnt good enough.. and well really mad also.

Alicia: Hmmm...thought-provoking, indeed. What I wanna talk about  next is something that you, me, and alot of other girls have experienced at one point in time. Immature guys! We've all heard and seen them, unfortunately. There is a line between a good sense of humor and being stupid, and some guys just really don't know when they've passed that line. I'm one of these people that REALLY enjoy funny guys, but what I don't enjoy is immature guys that think burping, beer, and fart jokes are hilarious and should be done as much as possible. It's ok to be funny, but it doesn't hurt to be serious every now and then.....ok let's give it a half and half deal here.  

Ashley: I just thought of something that should have probably been the first thing we really talked about. Cheating and Cheaters. I am sure we have all seen or been victiom of this legal crime. We are not saying its just guys doing this crime because there are girls who are just as bad. I mean really...what is the point of dating someone if your going to just go out and cheat? Not only are you lying to your self your, lying to everyone around you. To those people who are involved with someone who is cheating to be with you...what makes you think they will not do that SAME thing to you..once your the only one in there life.. or so you may think. If your going to cheat on someone your going to have to be a pretty good lier and in this process your going to have to keep all your stories straight. How in the world are you going to do this? Take Notes? I mean with all the trouble your going through to cheat on the person why not tell them the truth. You know sooner or later someone who knows about your little plan is going to tell that other person.. and then hell breaks loose. So why dont you just be a MAN or WOMAN and be honest?!?!

Alicia: Well, here I go again. (Heavy sigh)  You seem to be making good...and long might I add....points. But might I say the cheating subject made me think of something that these days that really, really irks me (haha I used irks). It's guys and their obsession with sex...and when they don't get it, they resort to polishing the rocket (if you catch my drift). I know the primal urge for guys to read about it in Playboy and dreaming about it 90% of the time, but give womenkind a break....we're not just real life blow up dolls to serve your physical purposes whenever needed. I'm not saying I hate guys, but you need to keep those kind of thoughts to yourself until the right that, I mean on honeymoon night. Of course I say this because I'm very strict about this sort of thing. If you don't know by now, I'm waiting till marriage. Some guys understand...some don't....but suprisingly on the majority they do. And although it's not necessarily sex, but stuff that's considered foreplay or what-not, I really don't want to do that at all (sorry fellas). I think BJ's, HJ's, QJ's, OJ's, or whatever is disgusting.(I know I got carried away with the J's).  So to sum it all up.....KEEP IT IN YOUR PANTS!

Ashley: Well now that you mentioned it...Sex has alot to do with how guys act in general. Which is what i want to bring up next. Some guys act so cocky. They think they are: gods gift to women, good at everything they do, best damn looking guy at school, and so forth. Girls know your full of it.. and im sure deep down you know your full of it. So do everyone a favor and get off your high horse before you fall off.

Last but certainly not least. We would like to discuss some sweet simple gestures that are sure to flatter any normal girl. These include: *Sending flowers to her at school isnt always something you have to do, i mean flowers are very expensive..but everyone once in a while, would make the girl very happy. Such as her birthday or anniversary. *Just calling outta the blue to tell her you were thinking about her. *Writing sweet little notes is a sure way to show you care because we all know most guys dont like to write notes. *Walking her to her car is a way to show your very protective of her especially at night. *Giving her your coat if she is cold..even if your not cold theres a good possiblity that she always offer. *Then if you both have a cell phone.. girls always love getting those sweet little text messages saying you love her and such. *Showing your affection in public..holding hands and such but dont get to carried away make sure she is ok with public affection first. *Let her steal your clothes even if it is your favorite shirt..we love the scent of you to be around at all times. *Just do the little things.. its what counts the most and keeps you in her thoughts...It doesnt have to be something that even cost money just put a little thought into it.

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